2019…. is this the year?

Cycling has been an on again off again passion of mine since I was in elementary school. Which is getting close to 30 years ago, yikes. Anyway, this year I decided that I needed to try and push myself a little more than in previous years. The last two years I have somewhat given myself excuses as to why I didn’t really push very hard. As a result I am really out of shape and have a lot of work to do this year.

I was reading a Runners World article and it was talking about doing 2,019 miles in 2019. I was like that sounds awesome, except biking and running a mile are no where near the same thing. At first I was like oh let’s double, then I tried to convert how long it took me to run a couple miles (min/mile), being very out of shape, and convert it to total minutes (2,019 miles x Min/Mile pace) and was going to go with that and then thought maybe I should see if there is something with a little more scientific… I ended up finding an article on Active.com that went into some math for it. At least now I feel like there is something out there (correct or not) that I can use. So ultimately I ended up going with a goal of about 5,250 miles on the bike this year. The running miles or 2,019 was more but I figured I have a day job and a family.

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